Northern Game Summit
6th – 7th October, 2016

Bio Rex Kajaani

@ Kajaani, Finland

About The Event

Northern Game Summit, NGS for short, is a two-day conference with additional events. After four years, NGS has formed into an annual event for networking between the Newcomers and the Professionals of the game development trade. NGS provides an easygoing environment for game creators to mingle, connect and exchange ideas.

The conference is still being set-up and information will be provided as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

Every year the participants have prized the friendly and comfortable yet informative feel of our event and we do our best to live up to your expectations once more.

To check out last years venue, you can find last years page here.

The Schedule is under construction. Check back for updates!

Bonus Stage Party

The official party of NGS Bonus Stage Party will be held on the evening after the first conference day on 6th October at Club 96.

Awesome people, a DJ, food, open bar and a small number of exhibitors giving you an ample opportunity to mix pleasure with business.

Speakers of the Event

We’ve got the experts from around the world

After two decades of only playing and daydreaming about games during all available spare (work) time, Nils finally hit midlife crisis and quit his dull engineering job and joined the Acquisition team at Paradox in 2015. Acquisition is responsible for finding and signing new games for Paradox to publish, aiding the developers with the pitches and to start up new projects.

Acquisition Associate at Paradox Interactive

Yoeri has an idealist's passion to produce original and high quality games. As a graduate in Artificial Intelligence, his games often contain computer guided opponents and special effects.

Founder & Designer at StaalMedia

Tuomas, a graduate from Kajaani University if Applied Sciences, works as a Game Artist at Fingersoft Ltd. His former employee was Supercell, so can be said that the man got experience from Finnish game industry.

Lead Artist at Fingersoft

Brie, founder of Tru Luv Media, and current freelancer, is making a series of video games co-designed with people who don't like video games. She has previously worked as programming lead on Child of Light, Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed III and as a programmer on Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War.


Timo graduated from the University of Jyväskylä in 2011. He is experienced in both native and managed programming ranging from 3D game engine development in C++ to managed .NET/Mono development. Timo has worked on many games, including The Walking Dead: No Man's Land, a game based on the popular series of the same name.

Senior Engineer at Reforged Studios

Samuli describes himself as virtual reality game developer, furious jammer and unpredictable traveller. Currently the former student of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences works as a programmer at Mindfield Games, an independent Finnish developer whose focus is on virtual reality games. Samuli has created several VR prototype games during a twitter challenge One Game A Month.

Virtual reality game developer at Mindfield Games

Johary, founder of Forest Interactive, is an entrepreneur involved in the mobile and telecom industry. A hands-on person with good understanding of the Mobile Industry in South East Asia. Oversaw successful and on-going deployment of SMS, WAP, OTT and Web-based wireless services such as HTML5, Mobile Payments, Wholesale MT Messaging and Mobile Games Publishing.

CEO at Forest Interactive

Sarah is a product manager at Berlin at Wooga and part of the Apple Watch team, dedicated to designing games for wearables. She is responsible for feature and User Experience design. She started her career in the games industry in Wooga’s player experience team. She holds degrees in Multilingual Communications and BBA and is an aspiring Triathlete.

Product Manager at Wooga

Through game and demo coding Aleksi became a software professional specialised in programming frameworks and distributed architectures. More recently, he has immersed himself in data analytics and machine learning research, earning him a PhD in the area. Currently he runs the data intensive computing group at the Finnish supercomputing centre CSC.

Development manager at CSC - IT Center

Master of Ceremonies
Johan, the blazer-wearing black metal fanatic and Creative Coast founder, works as a Business Developer at the Gameport Incubator in Sweden. He has also worked with Studio Total and studied social anthropology. Sadly quite shit at Overwatch, secretly hoping some patch to make him a viable part of the team. Speaker from NGS 2015 is back for some more!
Johan Toresson - SE

Founder at Creative Coast Festival


Our Esteemed Partners for NGS 2016

Our heartfelt thanks to all of our partners for making NGS possible. We could not do it without you!

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Generic Information About This Event

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NGS 2012
The year 2012 was the year of the first NGS ever. It was held at the campus of the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and was organized by university in close collaboration with CEMIS Development program.
It culminated with the VIP Pool Party, which legend is still alive at the campus.

NGS 2013
Year 2013 saw the move to the new venue location - the Bio Rex cinema. The attendees fell in love with the plush seats and the big silver screens. The event itself was characterized by pitching contests, two to be precise: the smaller NGS Pitch on the 1st day and the superb Playground Challenge Final with the grand prize of 50 000 € on the 2nd day.

NGS 2014
The NGS 2014 will be forever remembered for the awesomeness of the Bonus Stage (the soirée) thanks to the cool guys at Fingersoft and the longest poop joke in the world as presented by Tomáš Jech. It was also the first time the Very Important Persons at the event were welcomed by the City of Kajaani in the Old Town Hall.

NGS 2015
At NGS 2015 we had our pre-event mixer party with movie makers with great success and from the feedback we decided to make it a permanent feature of the event. The event will be remembered for having speakers like Hunter Grant and Johan Torensson who brought in so many interested listeners that half of them had to sit on the floor.

NGS Event Staff

These guys and gals have worked on the NGS for a better part of a year, already. Many of them were already involved in the earlier events, too.

  • Tommi Krogerus
    Event Producer
  • Emma Karttunen
    Event Manager
  • Iikka Yli-Kuivila
    Event Manager
  • Samuli Kinnunen
    Associate Producer
  • Valtteri Koppelo
    Technical Director
  • Suvi-Pauliina Peräsarka
    Marketing Officer
  • Veronika Iun
    Financial Officer
  • Susanna Raunio
    Art Guru
  • Juho Salminen
    Web Wizard
  • Leili Mård aka Lady-with-the Hat
    Consulting Event Producer
  • Leevi Rasila
    Consulting Event Manager

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The operations and organizational structure of KAMK are based on five areas of competence: Activity Tourism, Information Systems, Nursing and Healthcare, Mechanical and Mining Engineering and Business and Innovations. The three fields of focus - activity tourism, games and vehicle informations systems - serve to provide KAMK with international competence, visibility and impact.

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