Ticket types

Grab your tickets for the premier game industry event in Finland

For those who want to support the event can always choose the Benefactor Pass - thus supporting the event and gaining access to the VIP Dinner and other events for before and after the conference.

Are you a student who wants to try to get into the industry? We have a few Academic Passes available. See below for details.

Take note that the discounted Early Bird prices will be on offer until 15th of August 2018.


Event Pass


Early Bird

Entry for both days

Includes entry to Bonus Stage party


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Benefactor Pass 



Entry for both days

Includes entry to Bonus Stage party and VIP only events



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The Benefactor Pass holders gain access to the following events

  • The Nordic Cuisine VIP Dinner - Event held after Day 1

  • Kajak Games Sauna Evening - Held after Day 2

And also have 

  • Reserved places to each hall at Bio Rex

  • VIP Access to the Bonus Stage Party

  • Access to VIP only lakeside getaway party

For more information on contact us at info@northerngamesummit.org

Academic Pass



Early Bird

Entry for both days

Includes entry to Bonus Stage party


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Concerning Academic Passes:

  • To purchase an academic pass, you must be a student of a University, University of Applied Sciences, vocational school or upper secondary student (Finland) or a University student (abroad)
  • You must be able to provide proof of current education at the event site (Student card, etc.)
  • Academic passes do not give access to the pre-party mixer.

More Academic Passes become available as time progresses. Student tickets cannot be changed between event and day passes.